Sunrise/Campground Automation Systems is now CampLife!
Here’s what you need to know.

We’ve been growing with the outdoor industry for over a decade, continually inspired by how camping helps us live our best lives. We collected several company and product names as our business evolved, and these different names made it hard to recognize who we are and what we do! To end the confusion we rebranded as CampLife on May 8, 2019.

Below are some frequently asked questions and answers about the transition to CampLife.

Why change the brand?

The name CampLife describes what we do and makes the online reservation site more memorable. If the booking platform is easier for campers to discover and return to, more campers will see your park, and your occupancy can increase!

All of our business-to-park communication is now under one name as well. You’ll never be confused about who to contact or who to recommend ever again.

What has changed?

Our Company Name — CampLife expresses who we are and unifying our company and product name prevents confusion in the marketplace. The names “Sunrise”, “Campground Automation” and “CAS” are no longer used.

Our Company Brand — CampLife introduces a new look and messaging to be completely clear about our mission: to streamline camping so everyone can be outside more. Shouldn’t technology work for you, making it easier to unplug, roam confidently, and make powerful memories? We think so!

Our Product Name — We’ve updated our product names to match. is now; Sunrise Panorama has become CampLife Hub.

What has not changed?

Company Ownership — CampLife isn’t the result of a sale or merger. The same experienced and friendly “Sunrise” team is working for you.

Our Commitment to our Customers — Creating dependable relationships remains our top priority. CampLife understands the challenges of running a park and how crucial it is to have a system that meets operators’ unique needs. We’re also RVers and campers who know what good hospitality looks and feels like. Our commitment to your success and to a superior guest experience will always guide what we do.

Our Products and Solutions — The CampLife branding hasn’t changed any of the existing tools or services that you use to run your park the way you want. This is not to say our software will never change–we’ll keep improving it to be more dependable, seamless, and powerful–but no functionality was lost or added in the name change.

Our Team of Experts — All of us at CampLife, from executives to programmers, will maintain the level of expertise you deserve, as we continue to innovate for the future.

How to Reach Us — Sales, support, and employee phone numbers remain the same. Email addresses are nearly the same; simply replace “” or “” with “”. Don’t worry if you reflexively email one of the Sunrise accounts; it will be forwarded to the intended recipient or group email.

What are your new URLs/websites?

The campground management software is accessed at

Guests can browse and book sites at

Park professionals can learn about our comprehensive reservation system at

If I use Sunrise, do I need to make any changes?

Yes and no. We automatically redirect any traffic heading to our old websites to the new CampLife URLs. This includes seamlessly forwarding users who click check availability/book now links on your park’s website, guests going to, and park staff accessing Sunrise Panorama. Everything will continue to function if you do nothing. However, we do suggest you update any bookmarked tools/sites and reservation links to the new web addresses so they load as quickly as possible. We’re always happy to assist as needed!

Has the switch to CampLife altered any of my data?

No. All pre-existing guest and reservation data is preserved in CampLife. We also emailed every guest with a account to tell them about the name change and limit confusion.

Has product support changed?

No. You will receive the same cheerful, solutions-oriented support Sunrise was known for. Our success coaches are ready to help you get the most out of your properties!

Has pricing changed?

No. CampLife will continue to offer a mix of service plans with pricing scaled for your park, so you get the functionality you need and the value you deserve. Pricing has not changed as a result of the rebrand.

I have a different question. Who do I talk to?

If you have questions or comments, please get in touch with us via email or call us at (877) 783-2367.

Thank you for sustaining and shaping camping lifestyles, touching millions of lives. The Sunrise team is proud to be your digital staff as you create amazing, memorable experiences!