Manage your park in one place.

Reservations, payments, point of sale, accounting—if you need to do it, CampLife can help.

Keep Things Easy

CampLife’s dashboard lets you monitor your park’s operations at a glance.

Delegate tasks with user roles that give your staff access to the tools they need, but keep security under control.

Interactive maps make the reservation process a snap. Like the grid better? No problem. Staff can manage reservations either way.

Manage your park on-the-go

Mobile Check-In allows guests to confirm their arrival and receive directions to their site on their mobile device.

Sign+Store lets you request e-signatures on agreements, invoices, and terms and conditions anywhere in the park.

Work orders let you keep your staff in-the-loop with scheduled projects and informed with text messages or emails.

Connect With Your Guests

Keep guests in-the-loop with SMS Text messaging. Create your own templates or choose from pre-built options that even include a check-in link.

Automate guest check-in and departure with custom email templates branded with your park logo and background.

Customize your software

Unique situations need unique solutions. CampLife’s Rules Engine lets you set up unique conditions and actions for things like availability, payment, memberships, and more.

Dynamic Pricing lets you automatically charge more when your sites are in demand—and less when you need to fill up your park. You set the profit margins and conditions and the software does the rest.

Grow your business

Use CampLife’s Point of Sale to track inventory, set taxes, and automatically price items to be sold in the reservation process. It handles anything you sell.

Site Guarantee offers guests a clear and simple way to lock a site by automatically adding the opt-in fee to the invoice and locking the stay on the reservation grid. Campground managers can offer a lock fee on all their sites or just a few, track which staff added or removed a locked site tag and when, run revenue reports, and more all from CampLife Hub.

Keep cash in your account by giving guests a credit that’s only redeemable at your park(s) with terms and expiration dates of your choice. We automatically log and reconcile all Guest Credit activity so you can rest easy knowing that guests are being charged correctly.

Get discovered on the CampLife Marketplace. More visibility means more guests—over 35% of bookings are made directly from! And it’s commission-free.

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