Frequently Asked Questions


Looking for Sunrise/Campground Automation Systems?

What do you mean by "real-time"?

When we say that CampLife is a “true, real-time” reservation system, we’re talking about a reliable, always-on database system that is hosted online, allowing multiple users to access this single system and to know, at any given instant, what the inventory situation looks like for a given campground (Think online trip-planning sites). This real-time nature allows guests to book online and have confidence that they have a confirmed reservation, while giving campground operators that same peace-of-mind.

If your system has to be “synchronized” or otherwise reconciled in order to be certain of your inventory, it’s not real-time. If it requires you to set aside specific inventory for use online to prevent double-bookings, it’s not real-time.

What if I lose my Internet connection?

Yes, a reliable Internet connection is a “system requirement,” and we understand that this can be a challenge in certain locales. We’ve been encouraged to find, however, that this is rapidly becoming less of an issue. Ever-growing reliance on Internet-deployed services of all kinds has fueled expansion of Internet infrastructure and new alternative technologies provide competent backup Internet options, as well. We’d love to discuss these options and your challenges with you. Whatever technology system you employ, when the power or Internet fail, we recommend having paper and pen handy.

Do I have to take reservations online?

We’ve worked hard to build a system that makes online reservations work for you. If you’ve tried online reservations before unsuccessfully, we encourage you to consider our solution. If your park is anything like the majority of our campgrounds, you’ll appreciate our approach to online reservations. However, we understand that certain exceptions exist. Contact us regarding our solutions for private/membership parks.

How many users can be using the software at once?

There is no limit to the number of users, logged in or otherwise.

What are the System Requirements for CampLife?

CampLife does not impose specific hardware or operating system requirements. Being web-based, CampLife simply requires a modern, standards-compliant web browser. For CampLife Hub, our front-office management application, we recommend the use of Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox which offers greater speed, performance, and compatibility. You can use your web browser from any PC, Mac, laptop, netbook, or tablet to manage your park. CampLife Hub is also optimized for iPad, making managing your park on-the-go even easier. is compatible with all major web browsers including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge and Safari. We even support Linux! Please contact us for additional information regarding specific mobile/tablet computing browser compatibility.

Our operating system support is exceptional, with customers using Windows, macOS, Ubuntu Linux and more.

Do I have to put all of my sites on CampLife?

No. You can choose to manage only a portion of your sites using CampLife. In fact, our Standard plan is a great way to get started today and begin taking online reservations. We expect, however, that you will want to manage all your sites with CampLife. Because CampLife works differently than what you may be used to, you’ll really enjoy using it to manage all of your inventory, including seasonal and storage sites.

Can you import my current customer and/or reservation information?

Probably. We offer data migration services to new customers and have successfully migrated both customer and reservation data from several common formats. As you can imagine, this process can sometimes be challenging. We understand, however, that this data is important to you and we are committed to working with you to make your transition to CampLife as positive as possible. Keep in mind that additional costs may be involved, depending upon the nature of the operation.


How much does it cost?

We have several plans, with options for every park. Please refer to our Pricing page.

How long does it take to get up and running?

This depends on many factors, of course, but we typically recommend allotting 2 to 6 weeks in order to allow for any customizations, credit card application processing, etc.

Do I have to sign up with a new credit card processor?

Possibly. We currently provide support for 2 North American payment processors (Worldpay and Jetpay). If you have an existing account with one of these, we may be able to use it. If you do not have an account with a supported processor, we can walk you through the signup process. We’re very satisfied with our payment partners and are often able to provide better rates to our customers than their current rates.

For which reservations will I pay a transaction fee?

When we say, $3.50 per “online” reservation, we are referring to those reservations taken through only. While all of our software is “online,” reservations taken through CampLife Hub, our management application, have no associated transaction fees whatsoever.

Can I upgrade plans?

Absolutely. We allow you to upgrade plans at any time.

How do I sign up?

It’s easier than ever to sign up for CampLife. Just visit our Pricing page and let us know which plan you are signing up for on our Contact page. Once your initial park data has been entered into the system, you’ll receive login information to begin using the system. We’ll contact you regarding any further customizations you may require.

What does the setup fee provide?

The setup fee covers quite a bit, in fact. There’s the making of the interactive park map that each park receives, credit card account setup, initial database work, user accounts creation… just to name a few.

How will I be billed?

We offer several flexible options for monthly billing including Credit Card or Checking/Bank account. Charges include software and online transaction charges.

Can I accommodate the transaction fee in my rates?

CampLife gives you complete control over your rates. You can even provide separate rating for those reservations which come in online.


How do I apply rate and business rule changes? Who does it?

This depends on the nature of your rates. Complex, custom rating requires our business rule experts to build and maintain these rules for you. Simpler rating rules allow campgrounds to edit these rates themselves, within the CampLife Hub software, itself.

What kind of custom rules can be created?

We like to say that if you can describe it, we can build it.

Our advanced rules engine handles two areas: rates and site availability. Standard rating accommodates most common rate scenarios, but we know that every park has unique needs, so we offer custom rating based on any number of criteria. Examples include (but are certainly not limited to):

– Discounts for guest memberships

– Yield management (apply rates based on specified availability)

– Custom rates for group reservations

– Complicated Tax scenarios

– Custom proration rules

Think you’ve got a brain-teaser of a custom business rule? Give us a call. We take pride in our ability to build rules to solve truly unique circumstances. Bet you can’t stump us!

If a guest books a reservation online, can the park provide a confirmed reservation without guaranteeing a specific site?

With CampLife, you are in complete control over which site is ultimately assigned to a reservation. We provide the option to specifically alert guests to the fact that their site selection merely indicates a preference. Guests can have the assurance of a confirmed reservation while understanding that their selection may or may not be honored at check-in.

For our Premium and Unlimited customers, we can use our advanced rules engine to control what inventory is presented to an online guest based on nearly any criteria (stay length, camper type, length, club membership, dates, etc.) With this option, you have control not only of which site a guest ultimately is (re)assigned, but also of which site is offered them at the time of booking.

However you choose to use CampLife, allowing customers to select their site preference online ultimately saves you time and hassle. (read: money)

What can I do with the standard rating?

Standard rating is available to parks on any plan. This simply refers to those rates that can be set up and maintained using the software interface alone, without any custom rules authoring. Standard rates are applied to a given Reservation primarily by Dates, Site Groups, and Non-Inventory Items (which define both the dollar amount and accounting entry to apply).

Using a flexible representation for time, you can define Rates that apply to individual days of the week (weekdays, weekends, Wednesdays), spans of days (weekly stays, monthly stays), specific holiday weekends, seasons and nearly any combination thereof. You can apply these individual Rates to all of your sites, or just particular groups of sites, or any overlap, as well. Once time and group are established, raising or lowering a rate is simply a matter of modifying the amount specified by the associated Non-Inventory Item.

What does it cost to have custom rules built?

Please contact us for current rates for this service. A limited number of hours is included with Premium and Unlimited plans.

Will it work with my accounting software?

Included as part of our flexible reporting solution, we provide standard accounting reports in several output formats, including CSV, XLS and XML. Not only will the reports be usable as-is, these common data formats may be used to automate workflows in unsupported third-party accounting packages.


What kind of support do I get with CampLife?

Only the best! In fact, when we poll our customers, our customer support ranks as the number one CampLife benefit!

All of our customers receive phone (8am-5pm US/Central Mon-Fri), live chat, and email support. All documentation is provided in clear, concise video training, integrated into CampLife. Additional training/support options are also available.

Is support really free?

Yup. We are your partner in business and are committed to your success, so we offer our industry-leading support to you at no additional charge. There are no separate support plans to worry about. With CampLife, you get automatic software upgrades and prompt, friendly and helpful responses to your needs.

What about Friday or Saturday?

CampLife is owned and operated by Seventh-day Adventist Christians and as a result, our staff enjoys a guaranteed break from work from sunset Friday to sunset Saturday. We understand this is a busy time for your business, so it’s also the last time you want to be calling support! In order to provide you with the absolute best solution while remaining true to our faith convictions, we’ve gone to great lengths to ensure that CampLife is the most reliable system possible. We’ve partnered with Amazon, the leading provider of cloud computing services to bring CampLife to you and your guests, 24/7. We take full advantage of Amazon’s own industry-leading redundant and reliable infrastructure so you can rest easy knowing that your reservation system is powered by the same cloud technology powering Internet giants like Netflix.

We understand you may not share our convictions, but we trust that you can share our confidence. We won’t bore you here with the details of the many measures we take to guarantee reliability, but we encourage you to call us with any questions or concerns you may have. And as always, feel free to talk to our many customers who’ve enjoyed not having to call us on Friday night or Saturday.


Can I use CampLife to control my gate system?

Every gate system is unique, but there are commonalities. Contact us with information on your gate system and we’ll be happy to investigate the integration options. We do endorse and support a system from Amano-McGann, as it provides the most sophisticated CampLife integration available.


Do you also create websites?

CampLife provides every park an individual profile page and listing on, which provides vital information about your park. Each profile is optimized for search engines, increasing your property’s visibility.
CampLife is designed to work best in conjunction with your existing campground website, allowing you to send your guests directly to your online reservations page. If you do not have an existing website, we can recommend a web developer, and you are always free to use your provided profile exclusively.

Can CampLife help me promote my park?

Of course! We built it to do just that! There are many ways CampLife can help you promote your park. First, your park will be listed on, which is optimized for indexing by major search engines. Our approach to search-engine optimization (SEO) is to simply make your campground’s listing the most relevant destination for potential guests, with no gimmicks.
CampLife Hub makes it easy to organize and maintain guest records for effective communication and promotion. All reports can be exported as CSV data for convenient email “blasts” or more traditional mailings. Even track birthdays and anniversaries!

Can I include images of my park/sites on the online reservation system?

You bet! Each park’s profile includes a number of gallery images with which to feature your location. Premium and Unlimited customers can also provide individual images for each site. These site images are presented to your guests not only as confirmation, after they’ve made a selection, but during the selection process, helping to reduce check-in/post-check-in relocation requests. You can upload and manage these images on your own conveniently within CampLife.

I have a question that is apparently not frequently-asked. Where can I get an answer?

Please feel free to contact us via email, phone, post or carrier pigeon. Details are provided here: Contact.

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