Your time is valuable, whether you’re learning about software or working in your campground. So are you getting all you can out of this virtual trade show by turning system data into insights for your park? Here are two shortcuts to clarity.

  1. Listening to the stories of other park managers can fast track you to practical insights. Can you see yourself in their experiences? How does the software they use change how they feel?
  2. Another way to quickly judge if a system is right for you is to focus on one feature or procedure. Did it look easy? Would it really save you time? Does the feature even apply to your park or solve a problem you have?

Sunrise can help you quickly find answers and insight. Simply watch our customer interviews and short feature highlights. They’ll give you clues about the kind of software you need, even if Sunrise isn’t a match for you. If you like what you see, schedule a private demo where we can talk more about your park’s unique needs.

You can find Sunrise customer interviews and product videos in the Spotlight on Software group, and we’ll also be adding them to our Facebook page:

Remember, the Spotlight on Software ends April 3, and many vendor resources will disappear. Now is the time to ask questions for insight, narrow your focus, and get closer to enjoying a new system for your park!