If you’re looking for reservation software, you’re looking to fill a need. Choosing the best system for your problem or needs is important. Software solutions–like campgrounds–aren’t one-size-fits-all.

It can be hard to narrow down your focus to one or two reservation systems when there are so many features to understand and keep track of. This overload can feel stressful and paralyzing. And what happens if you do pick a software and six months down the road it still hasn’t solved your problem? What can you do now to make a smart software choice without burning out or creating more problems for you and your park in the future?

We have good news. The problem is also the solution! If you can figure out your top one or two park challenges, they will guide you to the right software.

As you participate in this week-long event, keep asking yourself “How well does this system take care of my biggest problem?” If a software doesn’t meet your greatest need, you can cut it from the list! And if there’s an option that solves more of the problems that wear you out and hold you back, or solves the big problem in a more satisfying way, that’s your clue to get a closer look!

If you haven’t yet identified your top problems or needs, these questions can help:

  • What part of your work do you dread the most?
  • What do you wish you had more time or energy for? What needs to change so you can do this meaningful thing?
  • What limits your campground? Do you want to be more efficient or profitable, have a better online presence, upgrade your property or activities? How is your ideal park different from reality?
  • Can current or new employees work effectively? Do you enjoy teaching them how to use software? Do you want certain workers to have limited/enhanced access?
  • Which concerns or issues are you comfortable with a system not addressing?

Once you’re clear on the problems you need to solve, you’re ready to demo software and ask the right questions. (Remember, you can also talk to and learn from park professionals like yourself!) At Sunrise, we demo our software with a focus on solving your specific problems. Together we can figure out if Sunrise is a good fit for you! Click here to register for one of our daily demos.