When someone says, “Be yourself,” what do you think? It sounds like social advice for teenagers, but it’s still relevant in the campground and RV park industry.

Remarkable settings and friendly experiences make outdoor hospitality unique. Unlike hotels, which guests expect to be standard, RV parks and campgrounds can be refreshingly different. All of your choices–from policies and amenities to how you decorate the property–set you apart and help you draw a certain type of guest.

So if you’re looking for reservation and management software to handle important daily tasks, choose a system that won’t dictate the way you run your business. The right software will help you stay in control of your park and be true to your vision. Ask yourself these questions when evaluating reservation software:

  • Do the goals of the software/company seem to match mine?
  • Are there features that would change how I take reservations? Would these changes be good?
  • Does the software give me options for growth or adjusting how I run my business?
  • Will the system for online reservations look like me and my park, or will guests feel disconnected from my park and my website while making a reservation?
  • Am I comfortable with the transition process? What if I choose a different system later on? What support will I get on both ends?
  • Can I adjust software settings, words, or pictures in the way I want?

If your answer to any of these questions makes you uncomfortable, consider asking other park/campground owners about their software experiences and talking to the software company about your concerns.

Sunrise knows you have options when it comes to reservation software. But we think we’ve got something special to show you that will let you and your park keep your identity. To see if Sunrise will be a good fit for your park, click here to join our demo list.