Taking responsibilities off of your work force is traditionally associated with laziness and lower productivity. US work ethic touts that relentless work and task-completion signify an honest, principled person.

But if you could change your campground so your employees didn’t have to work on so many different projects, could you actually inspire and enable them to work even harder? I might be biased, but my answer is yes.

Campground staff and owners nationwide are busy. They have to park RVs for guests who can’t park themselves, cut grass, fix the park golf cart, clean the pool, and kindly inform Mr. Smith that he is being far too loud at night. Added onto that, they have to answer phone calls, make reservations, decline reservations, check guests in, make store sales, calculate exact change, check inventory, and plan to be interrupted from any of these tasks by all the others at any time.

Whether your park is a family campground, a corporate campground, or a mix, these interruptions and task swarms are distracting you and your staff from fulfilling your park’s purpose. They may also be making you and/or your staff dislike work.

Worded another way, campground responsibilities are like spring pollen: they’re everywhere, they put a yellow haze over everything so no one can see clearly, and they make breathing hard for everyone.

If you want to improve team morale, personal morale, and overall organization at your park, you need to lessen the tasks for which each staff member is responsible. The best way to do that: invest in a reservation and management system that automates responsibilities like creating reservations, checking guests in and out, and calculating financial reports. The right system will lessen the responsibilities each person has, meaning Bill won’t have to stop cutting the grass to make reservations anymore and Sarah won’t have to create account reports by hand on a Friday afternoon. They’ll be able to direct that energy towards other tasks and hopefully hobbies and family as well.


Again, I may be a bit biased, but if you want to choose the best time-saving, life-simplifying system, just click here. You won’t regret it; we’ll make sure of that.