Spring, with all its rain and pollen, is a refreshing break from winter. It also means the main season for camping will be here soon. Here are four tips to make this spring useful to your campground.

1. Spring Cleaning

The cliché became overused for a reason; spring is a great time to get rid of the dust and dirt that slow winters can bring. If your park doesn’t get much activity during the winter, then the coming spring season is a great time to clean, fix, and improve your park. Your park will look and feel good when the main summer season comes. Spring cleaning is also great because it gets you and your staff active after winter. If you want to feel great about your park this main season, take the spring to make it look and feel great.

2. Excited Guests

During spring, campers and RVers are just as ready for camping and warm weather as you are. This gives you a great opportunity to excite them about camping at your park. Advertise your spring and summer amenities like swimming and hiking spots, fire pits, and grills. A lot of guests are excited for warm weather, so remind them your park can help them enjoy it, and they’ll be ready to visit you this summer. Once they’re excited, the Sunrise system gives them the ability to book a reservation directly on your site, if you’re using it. To learn more, visit www.campgroundautomation.com/features/.

3. Blooming Flowers

“April showers bring May flowers.” That’s another cliché that became overused for a reason. Spring gives you a great opportunity to plant flowers around your park to make it feel inviting and beautiful. Plant flowers around your front office, gates, and roads and then update the park pictures on your website. Your park will feel fresh, new, and ready to show itself off. The Sunrise system can help you here, too. With the site pictures feature, your guests can see how beautiful your park is while they make reservations.

4. Cool Weather

Depending on where your park is, summers may be too hot for cleaning, clearing, planting, and building. The warm-but-cool weather of spring is perfect for this. You and your staff can finish physical projects before the weather gets too hot. Then when the rain interrupts your outside work, you and your staff can meet to brainstorm park improvements and advertising. Whether you’re inside or outside, spring weather is ideal for campground management.