We know your park is good at what it does. You give people the chance to travel, explore, and learn more about nature. Really, your work improves people’s lives. But to keep improving their lives, you need to continue improving your park. Here are 4 New Year’s resolutions to help make your park even better in 2018.

Improve Your Team’s Performance

The level of work your team does is vital to your campground’s success. To improve the level of work, incentivize your team. Your team members will work hard when they know you notice and value their work. Not much shows that you pay attention like praise or some small reward (if you feel like giving big rewards, we won’t discourage you), and staff value your appreciation.

Increase the Quality of Your Product

Remember that your campground is a product. Like any company delivering a product, you need to constantly improve it. You should look for ways to improve how your park looks, the services it offers, and the ways you market it. A good way to do this is to look at what other parks are doing, brainstorm with your team, invest in a cloud-based reservation system like Sunrise, or hire a consultant to help you develop new ideas. Improvement isn’t just for Apple; it’s for every company and person who want to be great.

Increase Your Occupancy Rate

Higher occupancy will likely be a result of improving your team’s performance and the quality of your park, but it should still be a goal for 2018.  To increase your occupancy, communicate with guests, whether they stay regularly or have only stayed once. This will give you the opportunity to offer deals and promotions or simply remind them your park exists. Often, your one-time guests want to camp again but don’t know where to go. A simple email may remind them of your park and bring them back, especially if that email offers a deal or promotion.

Increase Your Average Daily Rate

Your average daily rate is an important marker of your park’s performance. While your park has off-seasons, you don’t want to have a low daily rate that is interrupted by short occupancy peaks. Consistency is the goal here. You can accomplish this by offering services and attractions at your park that correspond to the season. For example, if a large attraction for your park is swimming, then make sure you have something to offer in the colder seasons. Balancing what your park offers will improve both your overall occupancy and your average daily rate.


2018 can be a great year if you choose to make it one. With these resolutions and some creativity, you can make your park thrive this year.