In December, days are shorter, weather is colder, and being home is more appealing than ever, especially when the holidays arrive. You often work hard, long hours, so you deserve time with your family. To help you actually enjoy it, here are four ways you can disconnect and ensure you’re spending increased, quality time with your family this holiday season.

  1. Trust Your Staff

If your park stays open during the holidays, you’re giving guests a chance to enjoy time with family and friends in a great location, but their enjoyment doesn’t have to lessen yours. If you plan to take time away from your park while it stays open, remember to trust your staff. You hired and kept them for a reason: they can manage in your absence. Instead of worrying, focus on family and cherish your time with them. Still, remember that your staff has family too, so ensure they get the same opportunities you’re getting. They’ll notice your trust and respect.

  1. Detach from the Tech

Even if your park isn’t open during holidays, administrative duties don’t rest. To keep work from distracting you from family, forget about work emails, phone calls, and texts, even if only for one day. Consider turning your phone off and devote your attention to family moments. While avoiding work communication may seem unthinkable, you’ll be able to work better after the holidays if you rest and enjoy during them.

  1. Be the Guest

Another good way to spend time with family is to travel. Your entire job focuses on it, but how often do you get to be the guest? Take the opportunity to go somewhere with family this holiday season. If you can’t stay overnight, plan a day trip, hike, or go somewhere completely new. You’ll make great memories and bond in ways that are impossible if you sit at home.

  1. Trust Your System

Lastly, trust your reservation management system. If you use real-time, cloud-based management, your system will handle reservations, check-ins, data, and many management duties automatically. This functionality means you can rest knowing you’ve invested in a system that improves both your park and your life.

Hard work is important, but without rest and family time, you can’t work well. Enjoy your family, rest your mind, and cherish the holidays this year with these tips. I know they’ve worked for me, and I hope they’ll work for you. Happy holidays.

This article was written by our amazing new intern, Gavin. We love having him as part of our team. Be sure to leave him a comment or a question 🙂