As a follow-up to a post we did a few weeks ago, I wanted to put together a few ways that we (in the camping industry) can capitalize on the growing epidemic of the “Experience” generation. If you missed the post a few weeks ago, check it out here. Below, are 4 ways to attract millennials to your campground.

1. Sell your unique “Experience”

If you can sell the experience of your park instead of thinking of renting out sites here or there, this will go a long way in pulling in this generation. Do you have Yurts? Can you put together some type of Glamping setup?

2. Have a stellar website

This generation may not be the group of folks that we are used to catering to in this industry but it’s safe to say that if you don’t have an amazing website, you are not doing yourself any favors. Is your website responsive (scales to fit mobile, tablet, and desktop screen sizes)? Is it easy to navigate? These are all things that millennials look for when booking their camping experience (ok, I admit it, I am a millennial so I know a thing or two about how we are thinking). If you think your website could use some help, give our friends over at Strait Web Solutions a shout, they specialize in creating amazing websites specifically for campgrounds and RV Parks.

3. Be Media RICH

Does your website have TONS of pictures, videos, and testimonials of campers? With the rise of the internet, campers are expecting to be able to visualize themselves at their site, sitting around the campfire and enjoying a warm cup of coffee. This is hard to do when you just have blocks of text on your website and all of your other advertisements. Also, having site-specific photos is an even bigger sell.

4. Online Reservations

It goes without saying that this generation is a bit more tech-savvy than generations before. If you have a stellar website and you are truly selling your experience properly, the average millennial may skip right over your park if you don’t have online reservations. This is where your friends over at Sunrise can help. Give us a call today at 877-783-2367 x3!

Are you seeing any other millennial specific camping trends? We would love to hear from you!