The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.” — George Bernard Shaw

Communicating with your guests is very important.  Here are 4 ways you should be communicating with your guests.

1. Automatic confirmation Emails

Your reservation system should be sending out confirmation emails that include information such as, arrival date, departure date, terms and conditions including cancellation policies, directions to your property, and a summary of charges.  Ideally, these emails should go out for confirmations, cancellations, updates, or any time something changes on a reservation.

2. Reminder Emails

24 hours prior to arrival you should send the guest a reminder email that includes key info they might need about getting to your park or any after-hour policies that you have.  If your park requires a vehicle pass to be presented on the dashboard of the vehicle during their stay, this reminder email is a good place to include the pass.  This way the guest can print it ahead of time which will save time during the check-in process.

3. Text Message Updates

Your property management system should facilitate sending text messages to your guests.  Here are some instances where SMS / Text messages would be appropriate.  For late arrivals, a message telling them they can go directly to their site and how to process payment in the morning would be very helpful.  Other examples include, if you have a marshmallow roast every Wednesday night, or if there is a flash flood coming.

4. Payment confirmations

A sure way to decrease your chargebacks is to email your guest a payment confirmation.  You can still provide a paper receipt but the extra communication will provide an electronic paper trail and could help reduce chargebacks.

Speaking of communication, you should reach out to Sunrise and let us know how we can help improve your communications with your guests.