What Millennials bring the camping industry?


Tons of words get thrown around when you bring up the generation that we call Millennials, some good and some bad. However, did you know this generation could spell 10-15 GREAT years in the camping industry? This generation that we call Millenials is also called the  “Experience” generation. To understand the millennials frame of mind a bit better, lets back up. Lots of the young folks in this generation were getting ready to enter the workforce after college and high school around 2008/2009. Do we remember what happened in 2008/2009? Just the worst financial meltdown that this country has seen in decades, which resulted in a not-so-great job market for most of them. Then top this experience with seeing their parents, parents friends and other relatives lose most of, if not all of the money they had so diligently saved for their retirement overnight. These two driving factors created a sense of distrust in the “normal” way to go about things. This has resulted in this demographic being not as worried about settling down, buying a house or finding their dream job right away. They are more concerned with “Experiencing” life and living it to the fullest. We are much more excited about the idea of traveling over mortgages, live concerts over canned music, new relationships over settling down, working remotely over a cubicle, and to bring it full circle camping over staying at a cookie cutter hotel. This is great news for us in the camping industry, so do your part, pat a millennial on the back next time you see one in the wild and thank them for giving our industry a boost in the coming years.

Are you seeing this trend at your park? We would love to hear from you!

If you would like to learn more about the “Experience” generation. Here is a very interesting article from Forbes about this phenomenon.