We all want to feel special. That feeling of “special-ness” is especially important in the hospitality industry (the industry you are in, if you didn’t know). If you can give your campers even just the faintest smile because of something you did to make their stay that much more enjoyable, you will more than likely get a camper for life. Here are a few ways to personalize your campground and make your campers feel special.

Customer specific welcome emails

A lot of the perceived personalization of emails can now be automated. Even simply putting the first and last name of the guest that is arriving on the automated reminder email can go a long way. If your reservation system doesn’t currently send out automated emails, give your friends at Sunrise a shout and we can help 🙂

Custom sign for each arrival

On a park visit recently, I witnessed a very cool example of how you can personalize your campground (see picture above). This park used chalkboards as site markers and would write a custom welcome message to the family/person arriving on that site. This also takes the guessing game out of whether or not your campers are in the right spot upon arrival.

Site specific photos

I have written about this before but it means a lot when the campers can visually see the place where their child is going to experience their first s’more or hear their first scary campfire story. It can give the sense of personalization like nothing else. Again, if your software does not let you put site-specific photos on your reservation system, give Sunrise a shout.

First time amenity kit on site upon arrival

If it’s the camper’s first time to the park and you see that they have 2 adults and 3 children registered on the site, I’m sure they would appreciate a pack of graham crackers, marshmallows, and chocolate when they arrive. This type of personalization is what always brings campers back for ssssmore 😉

Does your park do something special to personalize the camping experience for your guests? We would love to hear about what you are doing!