Let’s face it. We live in the day of being tracked. Everything we do, from how many times we fill up our gas tanks to how many times we visit specific websites is tracked and monitored. This data that is being collected of our every move can be scary at times, but most companies are using this data to better reach more customers. Are you using the power of data to best advertise/market your campground? Here are 4 ways to use the data that you collect to reach more customers and help your park.

1. Camper trends
If you are using some type of reservation system, you should have the ability to run a report that will spit out all of the contact information of the campers who visited your park last season but do not have a reservation so far this season. Once you have this information you can better market to those people and at the very least try to find out why you were not a part of their travel plans. Also, using camper activity information, like ‘nights stayed’ and ‘amount spent at your park’ can take your outreach a step further. It might make sense to offer the family that spends 50% more than your average camper over the weekend a discounted rate for another future stay. It might also be smart to give them early access to their spot for next year, giving them the perception that they are special, which people love. If your reservation system is not telling you this type of information, give your friends over at Sunrise a call 🙂

2. Collecting contact information
Even if you aren’t doing anything with the contact information you collect now, don’t stop collecting it. Simply gathering your campers’ email address can serve as an invaluable marketing tool later in the campground’s life. Having a large database of campers that have stayed at your park can also provide value to anyone interested in taking over or buying the park.

3. Focused marketing
Most parks today are marketing to one person, and that is the camper. The camper can mean MANY things in this day and age. If I have stayed at your park 8 times over the last few years in a cabin, do you think I have any interest at all in hearing about how you now have 50amp hookups on more of your RV sites? No. But, I would be very interested in hearing that a few of your cabins were just renovated! Marketing to your return guests as a specific sub-group of your campers can mean the difference between a return trip or not.

4. Occupancy data
Assessing occupancy data at the end of every season can provide insight into how your rates are setup. If for some odd reason in the middle of your usual slow shoulder season you see a large influx of camper nights being booked in your reporting tool, then it might be smart to raise your rates for that one weekend as you would if it were July 4th. Past performance is a great indicator of future results, so it is imperative to study the data and trends at your park to best plan for next season.

Have another way to use data to better serve your clients? We would love to hear from you!

Also, if using this type of data is of interest to you and your park, contact your friends over at sunrise. We would love to chat about how we can help you and your park.