There are lots of ways that we communicate with our customers. BUT are we asking the right questions to better build our business? Here are 6 of the best questions you should be asking to your campers to better serve your customers and grow your business. When asking the following questions, be sure your campers are being brutally honest. Learning the truth about what is wrong or could be better is the only way to improve.

1. How did you hear about us?

This may seem like an easy one to most of us, but, if we can learn where our customers/campers are hearing about us then we can better market to those folks and more importantly spend our marketing dollars more effectively. Also, if you accept online reservations, your property management system should as for a referral field. If your system doesn’t offer that, let us know and we can help 🙂

2. Is there a recent instance where we fell short of your expectations?

It may be hard to hear sometimes but there is real value in learning where our shortcomings are. Maybe it is a quick fix but maybe not, either way, this information will help you in building the best place possible for your campers to enjoy each others company.

3. When people ask you about our campground, what do you say?

Learning how people view your campground is essential information to know if your message is getting across clearly. Are you trying to put out the family vibe but only getting single campers?

4. Are there any amenities you feel we are lacking?

What if you could have gotten that last star out of the 5 total if you would have just had a cold water bottle waiting on your guests upon arrival? Though some amenities can be very expensive to add to your park, some of the smallest things can make the biggest of differences, and we don’t know until we ask.

A good followup would to this question is, “would you be willing to pay extra for this if we invested in it?” This will quickly gauge if the camper is serious about “needing” the new $100,000 water feature 🙂

5. Is there absolutely anything we can do to make your stay more enjoyable?

This may seem like another obvious question but it is not asked enough. This keeps it open ended and opens the door for criticism but again, this is information we need to hear to offer a better camping experience.

6. What would you like to see when making an online reservation?

Admittedly, this is a little self-serving 🙂 But wouldn’t it be great to hear what your campers expect from you and your online presence? Do they want to select a specific site? Do they care about site photos listed online? This could help drive more traffic online, decreasing the hours you and your staff are on the phone with your campers.

We would love to hear any of the standard questions that you ask to your campers! Comment on our blog or reach out to