Now is that time of year where a lot of RV parks and campgrounds are clearing the cobwebs out of the office and starting to think about opening their park, once again, to thousands of visitors. Want to make sure things are running as efficiently as possible at your park this season?

1. Streamline Communication: Communicating between staff is a super important thing. Setting up short meetings every morning to let everyone on the team know what the other people are doing that day helps with keeping everyone on the same page. There are tons of parks that use walkie talkies or cell phones but what if you could leverage the smartphone’s capabilities to communicate more efficiently? Slack is an awesome tool that helps you communicate better as a team. Slack lets you send out park wide messages as well as direct chats to your staff.

2. Have more information online: Your website is going to be the #1 place where your campers check for information about your park. Whether they are looking for rates, rules, location, or even if you are open on holidays, having as much of this information online will reduce calls so you can focus more of your time offering awesome customer service to your campers in the park 🙂

3. Integrate your gate: To help speed up the check-in process you can setup confirmation emails with a unique gate code that is valid for only the dates that the camper is staying at your park. When the camper uses this gate code the system will automatically check them in and let you know they have arrived. This can cut down that famous mile-long Friday afternoon pile up 🙂 Check with your reservation system provider to see if they take advantage of this awesome technology.

4. Automated Emails: Does the reservation system you are using automate the email reminders and check in/out emails with the appropriate information? If not, it may be time to look for another online reservations system. Automating this type of communication with the campers that are scheduled to arrive or have already camped at your park will help your team run more efficiently.

Have any other ideas to make your park office more efficient this season? We would love to hear from you!

As always, please reachout to your friends over at Sunrise if there is anything we can do to help 🙂