Setting goals can be hard. Should we set a lofty goal that will be near impossible to meet or should we set a realistic goal that is less than a 10% change from what we did last year?

Setting goals is always the first step in achieving great things. It always marks the first step toward success. Setting a goal is the point where you go from being passive to being involved.

“The trouble with not having a goal is that you can spend your life running up and down the field and never score.” – Bill Copeland

Here are a few goals that we think would be great for all of our owner/operator friends should take a look at:

1. Find new ways to keep costs low

It may seem simple, but cutting down on your overhead is a quick and easy way to increase your profitability. This could mean finding another hot dog vendor, find and cut firewood yourself instead of buying it from your supplier, or even cutting the hours of staff by 30 minutes each day. The statement “A dollar saved is a dollar earned” is never more true than in the small business world.

2. Experiment with new services/products

Are you offering what your campers really want? Yes, you are probably offering a place to stay which in essence is satisfying their needs. BUT what if every single one of your campers would buy a purple colored lucky rabbit foot from your camp store? If you knew this was a fact, I’m sure you would be racing to the store to try and stock up. In 2017, try and find the purple colored lucky rabbit foot for your park 🙂

3. Learn more

When was the last time you went to pick the brain of one of your fellow campground operators or read a book that would help you operate your business more effectively? Learning, in any form, can help you become a better manager, bookkeeper, maintenance man, or even a better lawn care specialist.

4. Discover trends

Are you able to pull a report that will tell you which site or time frame is the most sought after? If you can learn specific data points to see what is selling the fastest you can then take full advantage of that information. Maybe there is something going on in the town a few miles away that is drawing people in that last weekend of the year. If you learn this in advance you can gauge your marketing directly to them.

Whatever goals you set, make sure you can evaluate them with measurable results.  Have any other goals you think we should add to the list?

Also, if getting setup with an awesome reservation system is a goal of yours for 2017, Sunrise is here to help! Feel free and reach out to if you are interested in learning more 🙂