Pokémon Go is drawing many ambitious trainers/users to journey through all sorts of locations in order to “catch ’em all”. The rate at which Pokémon Go is increasing in daily active users is revolutionary as it tops the number of daily users on Twitter (according to app store intelligence firm SensorTower). Pokémon Go also tops the average time spent on the Facebook mobile application. That is why it is time for your campground to capitalize on the augmented reality app’s popularity. Here are a few ways you can boost your engagement with Pokémon Go.

1. Find Out if Your Campground Is a Gym or PokéStop

The game runs off an augmented reality of the real world. Trainers explore the real world as they catch Pokémon, team up to battle and defend Gyms, and collect rewards from PokéStops. Gyms and PokéStops attract foot traffic from people playing the game nearby and current guests playing at your campground. Currently there is no map that displays all the locations of Gyms and PokéStops, so figuring out whether your campground is a Gym or PokéStop is the first thing to do.

*Disclaimer: Unfortunately, the developers of Pokémon Go, Niantic, are currently not accepting submissions for new PokéStops or Gyms. However, this is temporary and we will be updating this post when the requests become available.

2. Invite People to Play

If you are looking to drive a greater amount of foot traffic, then boosting your social media engagement via Pokémon Go is a great avenue to get people to visit. Use social media to invite people to come stay and play at your campground. Even if your business is not near a PokéStop or Gym, you are still going to have Pokémon wandering around in the virtual world. Some of the Pokémon might even be rare. So be sure to check!

One way to get guests excited about visiting is to show off the Pokémon in your area. Then when guests find Pokémon at your campground, ask the players to share and tag your campground on their Pokémon photos. Be sure to thank players for visiting.

The invitation alone can open doors to more social engagement with your customers.

3. Reward Players

Pokémon Go is a social game that encourages players to go in groups as they travel for better chances on defeating Gyms and capturing Pokémon. You can join the social spirit and celebrate with the players by hosting an event or rewarding players for their team/status. For instance, a great way to reward players is offering specials or discounts on certain items or nights to players who are on a specific team (Yellow: Team Instinct; Red: Team Valor; Blue: Team Mystic) as many businesses are doing. Pokémon Go players want to visit and explore locations where they can play. Letting players know they are accepted and encouraged to play by rewarding them will make them want to stay.

Pokémon Go is only going to get bigger as new updates roll out. It is already topping many other apps in daily active users and popularity. It has created a huge opportunity for your campground business and it is time that you jump in with both feet and get to know it.