Most campgrounds or parks are small operations that would be considered small businesses, the back-bone of the economy.  Here are some tips to help you and your organization run more efficiently.  Even if you are a one man show or 300 strong, these tips will help you run your organization better!

  • Listen to business podcasts.  One of our favorite podcasts is titled EntreLeadership.  This podcast has great tips for leading teams, marketing your services, and general business advice.  There are so many great tips for dealing with people and business that could help any organization.
  • Read books about business.  Stop by your library and pick up a book.  One of the classics is “The One Minute Manager” by Ken Blanchard.  It is a sure bet that if you are running a campground you will be managing people.  Books like this can really provide great tips for dealing with that difficult work camper.
  • Network with fellow business operators.  For some reason, most people prefer not to repeat the mistakes of others.  By networking with business operators you can share experiences and learn from each other’s mistakes.  Whether you attend your local small business association or go to state level conventions such as ARVC, you can meet people that are facing the same challenges you are.  Perhaps some of those people have already figured out some simple solutions.

Speaking of networking, we are going to be presenting our Sunrise property management solution at the following upcoming state shows:

  1. Texas ARVC April 17-19
  2. Arizona ARVC April 27
  3. Florida ARVC May 4-6

Stop by and network with us and fellow campground operators.