Yes, I know we are all freezing and it’s hard to think about those super busy weekends in the summer but they will be back.  With that in mind, these are some very simple guidelines that help all businesses in the world need to abide by, whether you are selling hula hoops or dump trucks: Supply and Demand.

1. You were full last year
Supply and demand is pretty simple. If you were full last year on the July 4th weekend, then your demand outweighed your supply therefore you should raise your prices. Instituting dynamic pricing with your current reservation software can be a great way to get every available dollar.

2. Low gas prices
With record low gas prices going into this season it is going to leave very little reason not to grab the keys to the ol’ RV and hit the open road!

3. RV shipments are up!
The RVIA association is stating that RV shipments are up, therefore there are more RV’s out on the road meaning that demand is up (checkout the article here).

4. People are going to pay it and not blink an eye.
Campers are not going to let a 10, 20, or even 30 percent premium effect their fun-filled holiday at your park but that small price increase will make a significant difference to your bottom line.

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