Hello Friends,

The past few months have wrapped up a pretty busy trade show season for all of us here at CAS. If we did not get to shake your hand and tell you how cool you are for owning/operating a campground we would love the opportunity! If we did get to meet you at one of the trade shows/conventions, odds are you were thinking one of the following: 

1. I am SUPER impressed with this software and I want to learn more!

2. I am STUNNED by the good looks of these gentlemen and I cannot make words (very doubtful)

3. The software looks awesome but it can’t be cost effective (it really is, let us tell you how you can’t afford NOT to!)

4. I really need to start using this software ASAP (we can make that happen!)

No matter which one of the thoughts you had above, we would love to tell you more about what our software can do for your park. When you get a chance, reach out to one of our very helpful sales agents at (877) 783-2367 x3 or sales@campgroundautomation.com

We look forward to hearing from you and learning more about your park!