If you own or operate a campground, you have had your fair share of undesirable campers at your park. Though there are no sure-fire ways to rid you of these pests for good, here are a few ways to minimize your risk of becoming prey ๐Ÿ™‚

1. Require full payment up front
Requiring full payment when a reservation is made can quickly knock out many of the partiers and other undesirables. Paying the full amount upfront requires planning which most loud and rambunctious campers are not going to think about doing.

2. Do not allow for “last minute” reservations online
Limiting your reservation window online to reservations at least two weeks out from the day they are made will also drastically decrease the number of these types of guests at your park. This will require them to call the office if they are needing a reservation within the next two weeks andย you will be able to hear on the phone if the customer would be a good fit for your park.

3. Start your blocked list
With some reservation systems out there you can implement a blocked list. Adding campers to this blocked list will not let them make a reservation online. They will have to call into the office next time they want to stay there. When they call in, you can have your staff pull up their unique camper profile and see what the problem was last time they were there. I’m sure many of you already have names you would like to add to this list ๐Ÿ™‚ If your reservation system does not have something like this, checkout Sunrise.

4. Institute a “sound deposit”
This is a tip that we heard from one of our parks in Ontario, Canada. When accepting a reservation for what they are certain will be a very loud and boisterous group, they institute a “sound deposit”. This deposit is returnable upon checkout if the noise level was kept at a reasonable level. It may not work for all big parties that come in but it could work for some.

5. FAMILY campground
Plastering everywhere that you are a FAMILY campground will also always help push away visitors that are only looking to throw parties.

Have any other ideas? We would love to hear them!