Were you running on full occupancy most weekends this year? If so, it may be time to raise your rates. Were you busy on some weekends but dead during others? It may be time to automatically adjust pricing based on occupancy. Are your guests using this car (pictured above) as their pull behind? Then once again, it may be time to raise your rates 🙂

Here are 4 tips for setting up your rates for next season.

1. Don’t be afraid
When your campground is full several weekends in a row, it may be time to raise your rates. Though you may be scared to raise pricing just know that if you charge 10% more and your occupancy falls by 5% due to the rate increase, you will still be much better off.

2. Take into account Supply/Demand
Your goal at a park should be to never turn a guest away due to not having a site for them. If you take into account the simple financial principles of supply and demand your park will see the benefits very quickly. If you are 100% full, your demand outweighs your supply therefore you have the power to increase prices.

3. Consider lowering your weekday rates
Nowadays people are traveling and more importantly vacationing on a more relaxed schedule. By offering a lower weekday rate you can drum up more business during those lonely weeks.

4. Setup dynamic pricing
Talk to your reservation software provider and see if they can adjust your rates based on your occupancy. The travel industry has been doing this to us for years, now it’s time for campground owners to take advantage. For more information regarding dynamic pricing, visit our website.

Let us know if you have any other tips for fellow campground owners/managers. We would love to hear what you have to say!