Here are some of our ideas for making some extra money in the off season. We love to hear from the real professionals, the park owners/operators, so please let us know if you have any other ideas!


It may seem like the most obvious option, but keeping your park open for as long as you can will be the best way to thrive during the winter months. If keeping your whole park open for the extra time is too much, one option would be to just open 25% of your park. This would only require minimal staff and, more importantly, it will keep some money coming after the cold snap. Winter camping is becoming more and more popular for people that want to get out of the florida heat, especially if you are in a popular tourist destination.

2. Have winter events that will attract campers

Coming up with events for your park during the winter months could attract some visitors that would otherwise not even think about taking their RV out for one last spin. Things like concerts, BBQ’s, and even Caribbean-themed fiestas can attract people even if they have to wear a jacket to attend.

3. Start taking online reservations now!

Even if the physical park is in fact closed, you can still keep the money coming in through online reservations for the coming camping season. Also, by implementing a dynamic pricing model this could provide you with even more revenue as the park fills up with reservations. If you are interested in learning more on this and other awesome features, please visit our website.

4. Increase rates during busiest times

Have you ever tried to book a room in downtown New York City for the new year? Chances are you are going to be paying a premium for that room because of the massive draw there is to the city for the new year celebration. Though the draw to your campground for weekends like July 4th may not be as dramatic as NYC, there is still a big uptick in reservations for the July 4th weekend compared to the middle of October. With an online reservation system, you can set up dynamic pricing way in advance and not give it a seconds’ thought.

5. Keep in touch with your campers!

Even if the doors to your campground are closed, you should still keep in contact with the people that visit your park. Sending promotional offers for the campers that book early for next season, starting to talk up the events happening at your campground this year, and even just sending a message saying we miss having you at the park can result in an increase in the money that you see roll in during the “off season”.


Have any other ideas? We would love to hear them!