Let’s face it, it’s another hot summer. Here are 5 ways for you and your campers to beat the heat!

  1. Setup a mist station around the camp store
    This will create a cooling effect for all of your incoming guests. Check out this option from our friends at Camping World! (Link)
  2. Setup a slip n slide!
    Everyone loves a good slip n slide! There are many ways to setup a slip n slide and it doesn’t have to be expensive and the kids will absolutely love it! Check out an awesome DIY slip n slide idea here – (Link)
  3. Sell fun “cooling” gifts
    Gifts like the always attractive fan hat or the popular personal fan could boost store sales as well as helping keep your campers cool.
  4. Have cold water bottles ready for check-ins
    An ice cold water could just make someone’s day that’s travelled hours to stay at your park!
  5. Pool Time!
    On hot summer days a pool is just what the doctor ordered! When it gets really hot, fill some milk jugs with water, freeze them, then throw them in the pool to provide a “splash” of cool!