5 ways to convince campers to come back next season

1. Provide an unforgettable experience
Whether an unforgettable experience for your park is an amazing time at the water park or providing waffles every morning for your guests, each effort made will be appreciated and you will be at the top of their list the next time they are planning a trip.

2. Entertain the kids
Yes, every parent loves their kids wholeheartedly but every parent also enjoys ways to tire their kids out and entertain them without spending a fortune. Planning kid-centered activities will keep the kids happy and almost force the parents to plan a return trip.

3. Custom tailored guest visits
If a couple is looking for a quiet weekend away, go ahead and put them in that site secluded from the others. If there’s a trailer full of kids, putting them next to the pool may be a better option. Tailoring your guests’ vacation¬†will create a memorable experience and leave you with high marks.

4. Offer a discount for the next stay and an easy way for them to book
Who doesn’t love saving money? Offering a discount if they book their next stay upon checkout or within the next week is a great way to drum up additional revenue from that guest. Visit www.campgroundautomation.com to learn more about making it easy for you and your customers to handle reservations!

5. Say goodbye with a smile
The first impression is very important but if the last impression they have of your park is of you trying to charge them an extra night’s stay for being 10 minutes late for checkout they may not feel the love and therefore, never return.

These are just a few tips that we have heard from some of our customers. Do you have more tips campground owners could use to create a guest for a lifetime?