There are many things that can keep your campground a safer place. Here is a list of tips that we have heard from our customers.
If you have or are planning to implement any additional safety enhancements, give your insurance company a call.
There could be some cost savings due to a decrease in liability.

Keep a first aid kit handy at all times

Keeping a first aid kit close in all high traffic areas at your property will help with response time and therefore give your campers a sense of security.

Make your park as kid friendly

Things like building a gate around the pool and having designated crosswalks could make the difference in saving a child’s life.

Have emergency contact and direction forms available

In the heat of a real emergency, having forms printed with contact information and maps showing directions to a hospital in the case of an emergency could save valuable minutes.

Use a front gate system

Keeping track and controlling who enters your park will provide a level of security that will make your campground a safer place. Also, by tying your gate to your reservation system you can also speed up the check in process.