NASHVILLE, Tenn. (December 1, 2014) Campground Automation Systems announces the release of yet another great feature. The CAS recurring billing feature will be out shortly and the team is very excited to show it off at the ARVC OHCE expo in Las Vegas this week.

This feature is great for properties that have long term guests and tenants where billing on a regular basis is a necessity. The system is very customizable with easy modification of the schedule and comes with the ability to turn on or off the auto-pay function. Here are three great ways to use this feature:

1) Seasonal parks can increase revenue. For example, instead of taking a single payment in the season, parks can increase their overall rate by 10% and offer a monthly payment plan. This will more than cover the cost of credit card processing fees, create extra return on investment, and offer a more consistent income stream.

2) Online Guest profiles allow the guest to view a copy of their invoice to review any charges on any of the invoices the park has created for him/her. The guest can then pay outstanding balances all from their profile and thus cut down on phone calls to the office.

3) Long term customers such as storage tenants can setup recurring invoices and payments to automatically recur for the customer each month and email them a detailed invoice of their transaction.

Gone are the days of invoice printing, folding, stuffing and licking. CAS automates the entire process for you. To learn more about this and other great features, please visit or call them at 877-783-2367 to schedule a demo.

About Campground Automation Systems

Nashville-based Campground Automation Systems offers the customizable Sunrise reservation system to fully automate campgrounds of all types and sizes. Sunrise from CAS uses advanced technology to decrease costs and increase revenue and efficiency for campgrounds while also providing increased convenience to campers. Sunrise provides online reservations, automated check-in and payment, recurring billing, and point-of-sale. For more information, visit