Editor’s note: this blog entry is the first in a series chronicling our President’s current RV tour through the Mid-Atlantic and New England states. Stay tuned for further installments and let us know if you’d like your campground to be a stop on this or a future Campground Automation Road Tour!

My family and I are off on a road trip in the RV. The plan is to visit campgrounds using our Sunrise campground and reservation management system and those campgrounds that deep down inside want to be using Sunrise. Before it is all over we’ll be traveling from our home in Tennessee to Maine and everywhere in between.

After spending hours in a vehicle with my 3 little kids and wonderful wife it’s always nice to pull into a campground and have friendly office staff greet you for a quick check-in process so that you can unload the kids from the truck and let them start burning off all of that pent-up energy.

But before you can release this pent up energy there is the part of the story where you’re trying to back your 5th wheel up into a site, with your wife trying to direct you while standing in your blind spot, while the kids are screaming at the top of their lungs in the back seat. (We’ll save the details of this story for later, but note that no damage was done to RV or campground property.)

Our first stop was Cherry Hill Park in our nation’s capitol. It was nice visiting with Mike, Janice, and David. They’ve got a really friendly staff and a lot of neat extras to offer as they’re the closet RV park to Washington D.C. And the kids give the playground two thumbs up. Surrounded by lots of trees and greenery, it’s easy to forget that the busy city is all around you. But with a bus depot right on site it provides the perfect combination of a relaxing camping experience while connecting you with all the great sites of Washington, D.C.

After leaving Cherry Hill, we drove through the great Maryland and Delaware countryside, enjoying the variety of oceanside towns next to pretty farmland. I had to work hard to keep my wife from stopping at all the little roadside produce stands.

Our next Sunrise park to visit was Tall Pines Campground in Lewes, DE. This park offers a very nice setting with lots of (you guessed it) tall pines. The campground is an expansive park that is neatly kept. We ended up taking the scenic route as we navigated to our site. After a quick visit with Chad and David the family went and dipped our toes in the Atlantic.

We’re enjoying connecting with our customers in this way while we enjoy the open road and look forward to the next stops on our trip. More about those in my next post!