NASHVILLE, Tenn. (Jun 6, 2012) – Campground Automation Systems (CAS) embraces IPv6 with participation in World IPv6 Launch.

World IPv6 Launch Logo

IPv6 is the next-generation Internet protocol. IPv6 will allow the Internet to support many more devices by greatly increasing the number of possible addresses.

Like participants and, the company’s corporate and product marketing site at will now be permanently available via IPv6. “We believe IPv6 support and adoption is essential to the future of the Internet and we’re proud to participate alongside the Internet’s giants in the World IPv6 Launch,” Campground Automation Systems CTO Jon Sharp said. CAS has also kicked off testing of full IPv6 connectivity for its Sunrise cloud-based online reservation system and campground management software and is committed to bringing native IPv6 support to later this summer.

About CAS

Nashville-based Campground Automation Systems offers Sunrise, a complete reservation and campground management system for small, medium, large, multi-park or unattended campgrounds, featuring online reservations, real-time inventory, guest profiles, 24/7 convenience, and utility management.