As we work on the upcoming Sunrise 3.6 release, we are nearing in on revision number 10,000 in our revision control system. For those unfamiliar with revision/version/source control systems, (Feel free to consult the excellent Wikipedia entry) it is what we use to keep track of the source code that makes up our software.

The practice of good software development advocates the use of such a system. The revision number indicates how many individual “commits” have been performed on the source code, each one representing a new feature (or a portion thereof), bug fix, etc. The number 10,000 is significant not only because of its roundness, but because it is a good indication of just how much effort has gone into our software platform over the past 5 years. Each commit is not equally monumental, of course, but reaching #10,000 is certainly an achievement and a reflection on the maturity of our code.

We’re not quite to r10000 yet, but I expect we’ll hit it shortly after our 3.6 release. Stay tuned for the big milestone! 😉