How would you like to accept online reservations for the group reservations you book? With Sunrise’ group reservations features, you can book a group reservation quickly and easily with our powerful and comprehensive interface. The “wagonmaster” or group contact receives an email which provides a convenient web link which they can then distribute (using email, web, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) to their group members, family, friends or club members, allowing them to select from the reserved inventory and complete their reservation for the pre-selected date range. All standard site selection / RV details / search features apply within the remaining available group-reserved sites. Payment can be collected for the individual reservations online, making it easier for both the group organizer and the campground to collect funds. Group discounts can be applied automatically. Booking groups can be as simple as talking to just one person and sitting back as the group sites are claimed.

Online group reservations are just one part of our comprehensive approach to groups. We’ve built our solution to easily accommodate large rally groups or small family reunions. We’ve included an auto-release feature which allows unclaimed group inventory to automatically be released at a date defined by the campground. If you’re interested in increasing your group traffic but are concerned about the management overhead, Sunrise is for you. We’d love to show you these and the many other features of Sunrise. Call us now to participate in one of our regularly-scheduled webinars or request a personal demo.

And for more technical information on our implementation for group reservations, as well as details of our design methodologies, refer to our recent dev blog entry.