If your campground is not on Facebook yet, you’re almost certainly missing out on an important way for you to connect with your guests and their friends (read: future guests).

We’ve witnessed firsthand how our campgrounds are promoting their park and driving business through very simple Facebook use. It’s not hard to establish a page for your park and begin cultivating a following. Use Facebook to promote upcoming events, specials, etc. Remember to direct your guests to book online, linking directly to your SunriseReservations.com site selection page. If they’re already on Facebook, they’re likely to prefer and use the online reservation option when booking.

Twitter is also becoming an important tool for communicating with your guests. Use it to provide up-to-the-minute updates regarding events and emergencies. Word travels fast on Twitter!

And don’t just drive traffic online using Facebook or Twitter, track it, too, using our recently added Reservation Source/Method feature. Contact us about setting up “Facebook.com” or “Twitter.com” for you as a Reservation Source and we’ll automatically detect when guests are coming from your social-media-posted links and set the source accordingly for their reservation. This is just another way Sunrise’ powerful reporting can help you run your business more effectively.

We’d also like to take this opportunity to remind everyone to come “Like” us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter or LinkedIn.

We’ve been active in social media for some time now, but we’ve recently begun using Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn not just to tell our story, but the stories of our customers. If you’re one of our campgrounds and you’re on Facebook, chances are good that we’ve found you and “Liked” you there. Return the favor and give us a “Like”, too, and help promote us to your fellow campgrounds and guests. (Don’t forget to find us on Twitter and LinkedIn, too.) Social media provides a unique opportunity for us to help promote each other in a real and positive way. Feel free to use the convenient links at the bottom of this page!

UPDATE: I recently ran across an informative blog entry on this very topic that I thought should be appended here to this post. This article goes more in-depth as to the benefits of social media, along with compelling statistics. Check it out: Is Social Media Right For My Campground?.