On behalf of our development team, I’d like to welcome you to the new Campground Automation Systems Development Blog!  And along with that welcome, I’d like to take the time to provide some history here and explain what to expect from future posts to this blog.  You see, we’ve been just crazy busy for some time now.  And while the we’ve been able to share much of the fruits of our labor with the world, we wish to share more of the truly exciting aspects of our work.

This new development blog will allow us to share some of this excitement we as software developers and engineers feel as we build innovative technology solutions for campgrounds and RV parks.  We hope to describe in greater detail these solutions to some of the unique challenges we and our customers have faced.  You may also expect to get sneak peaks at upcoming features and catch glimpses of the underlying technologies we use to build great products.  Our hope is that this information will be a benefit to our customers and to those not yet Sunrise users.  We also hope to provide a service to the wider Java/Open Source developer community of which we are a part, by sharing some of our experiences.

As CTO and Senior Engineer, I take pride in our fine development team.  Each member is passionate about technology and dedicated to the user experience.  You can expect to see posts from each of them here, detailing aspects of their current projects and sharing their expertise.

In order to wrap this post up on a somewhat technical note, I’ll attempt to briefly describe something that is core to our system — real-time reservations.  As we set out to develop a software back-end for our self-serve outdoor check-in kiosk system, we knew that our system had to be real-time.  That is, the inventory managed by the system, and available from a remote kiosk needed to be accessed in real-time in order to know for certain that sites were truly available and to prevent double-bookings.  We also planned to provide a complete, “end-to-end” system, with a powerful guest-centric online portal site.  These requirements meant developing a fully web-based management system, backed by a robust transactional database system, deployed to the so-called “cloud.”

Over the past several years, we’ve done just that, and it has resulted in a powerful, flexible and scalable platform with many features built on top of our real-time inventory model.  In future posts, I hope we can share more about this platform and why we feel Sunrise truly is “A New Day for Campgrounds.”